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BLOCKHOUSE Showcases Next Generation equipment as WARQ and Defilade Take Center Stage at SHOT Show 2024

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, JANUARY 26TH 2024 – BLOCKHOUSE Corp, a leading provider of protective equipment to military and Law Enforcement, proudly announce the successful participation of its subsidiaries, WARQ and DEFILADE, as exhibitors at the much anticipated SHOT Show 2024 held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event provided a platform for these innovative companies to showcase their cutting-edge products and forge new connections within the industry.

SHOT Show is the largest event of its kind, attracting industry professionals, manufacturers, and enthusiasts from around the world. BLOCKHOUSE Corp’s subsidiaries, WARQ and Defilade, capitalized on this global stage to present their latest advancements in protective equipment for law enforcement and military professionals.

Strategic Showcase at SHOT Show 2024

BLOCKHOUSE Corp, committed to fostering innovation and excellence within its subsidiaries, is thrilled to have had both WARQ and Defilade represented at SHOT Show 2024. The event served as a key opportunity for these companies to unveil their latest products, engage with industry stakeholders, and solidify their positions as leaders in the protective equipment sector.

“At BLOCKHOUSE, we are proud to see our subsidiaries, WARQ and Defilade, stand out at SHOT Show 2024,” said Mike Klein, Chairman of BLOCKHOUSE Corp. “Their presence at this prolific event underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and fostering collaborations that drive the industry forward.”

Innovative Offerings from WARQ and Defilade

WARQ, known for its advanced protective helmets designed for law enforcement and military force-on-force training, showcased its latest technological advancements in helmet design. The company’s commitment to safety and performance was evident in its display of innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the defense and security sectors.

Defilade, another key player under the BLOCKHOUSE umbrella, spotlighted its array of protective equipment tailored for public order, corrections, close protection units. From the Discrete Deployment System (DDS), to it’s offerings of riot shields, Defilade presented its entire assortment of top-tier products for professional end users seeking the latest in blunt impact protective systems.

Facilitating Collaborations and Networking Opportunities

SHOT Show 2024 provided a valuable platform for both WARQ and Defilade to engage with industry peers, potential partners, and customers. The event facilitated networking opportunities, allowing the subsidiaries to explore collaborations that align with BLOCKHOUSE Corp’s mission of building the future of protective equipment for law enforcement.

As the protective equipment industry continues to evolve, BLOCKHOUSE Corp remains at the forefront of innovation, leveraging events like SHOT Show to showcase the capabilities of its subsidiaries and strengthen their positions as leaders in the market.

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About BLOCKHOUSE Corp: BLOCKHOUSE Corp a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of cutting-edge protective equipment for Military and Law Enforcement.

About WARQ: WARQ is a pioneering manufacturer of helmets and protective equipment designed specifically for force-on-force training exercises used by law enforcement and military professionals. Through its dedication to innovation and safety, WARQ equips law enforcement and military end users with the tools they need to train effectively and face real-world challenges with confidence.

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