BLOCKHOUSE Corp Strengthens Portfolio with Acquisition of warq

January 10, 2023 // 8:30 AM ETD

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, JANUARY 10TH 2023 – BLOCKHOUSE Corp, a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of protective equipment for Military and Law Enforcement, is proud to announce their completed acquisition of WARQ. This strategic acquisition strengthens BLOCKHOUSE Corp’s commitment to fostering innovation, ensuring the safety of front-line professionals, and advancing the capabilities of protective equipment for force-on-force training exercises.

“We are proud to welcome WARQ to the portfolio of BLOCKHOUSE brands,” said Mike Klein, Chairman of BLOCKHOUSE Corp. “Our mission has always been to partner with companies that embody the highest standards of quality, and innovation. By acquiring and partnering with WARQ, we are furthering our ability to provide superior protective solutions that make a tangible impact on the safety and effectiveness of first responders.”

WARQ’s expertise in designing and manufacturing helmets and protective equipment tailored for force-on-force training exercises effectively complements BLOCKHOUSE Corp’s purpose. These specialized products play a pivotal role in preparing law enforcement and military personnel for real-world scenarios, enabling them to train effectively and enhance their readiness while minimizing risk.

“Joining BLOCKHOUSE is an exciting opportunity for WARQ to expand our reach and bring our equipment to a global audience,” stated Zoé Absil, one of the co-founders of WARQ.  “Together, we will set new industry standards for innovation and safety for force-on-force training equipment.”

To explore WARQ’s specialized protective gear designed for force-on-force training exercises, visit

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About BLOCKHOUSE Corp: BLOCKHOUSE Corp a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of protective equipment for Military and Law Enforcement.

About WARQ: WARQ is an industry leading manufacturer of helmets and protective equipment designed specifically for force-on-force training exercises used by law enforcement and military professionals. Through its dedication to innovation and safety, WARQ equips law enforcement and military end users with the tools they need to train effectively and face real-world challenges with confidence.

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